St. Thomas School is acknowledged as one of the leading Co-ed schools in Dewas. It has offered a quality education to our students.
We have a full fledged building showing off its elegance and grandness . The school is equipped with all the facilities that are necessary to impart quality education to the students.
The school is equipped with science laboratory, computer lab, library, big and airy class rooms with smart class, a big playground etc. for overall development of a child.

Guidelines  for Parents

1. Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms to see their children or teachers during class hours without prior permission of the principal.
2. Parents are requested to spend quality time with their children for better progress in their studies.
3. Parents are requested to inform immediately to the school if there is any change in their address and telephone numbers.
4. Leave for half day should not be asked for security reasons. In emergency however written permission must be taken from the principal, the class teacher and the bus-in-charge must be duly informed.
5. If there is any legitimate complaint please meets the Principal at the earliest or write to him in confidence so that the complaint will be personally verified by the Principal.
6. Parents should sign the progress report and return to the class teacher.
7. Parents are required to corporate with school in its attempt to help their child in progress and discipline and take interest in their child’s studies and other instruction given. There are advised to check the bag of their ward to see if any circular/ notice/invitation etc. has been issued or not.
8. Care must be taken of all school properties and any damage has done, it will be compensated by the concerned student, with the fine imposed.
9. The ward of those parent who avoid, meeting authorities when advised to do so, may not be allowed to attend the classes.
10. Parents must check the school calendar, date sheets and other circulars before making enquiries over phone.
11. Parents are requested to deposit the fees in time. Parents must keep fee receipt with them and should produce when required.
12. Parents and guardians are requested to read and explain the school rules to their ward.
13. Parents are requested to be very sure that their ward is not watching television for a longer time. They should be aware about the places where there child goes. Parents should monitor the child when he is surfing on internet.
14. Parents should take care that child goes to school on time and is appropriately dressed.
15. Parents should corporate and take interest in the work of the child and encourage him/her to achieve high personal standards.
16. Parents should not allow their ward to take any kind of electronic gadgets.